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Application to MEN

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Application to MEN

Post by perdweeb on Sat Jun 13, 2015 7:51 pm

Gentleman Gaming has multiple Divisions, both competitive and Social, which are you Applying for?
SSGS: Competitive Nightly Clan Wars on the Global Map
BT: Competitive Land-Holding Clan Wars 
HT: Competitive Land-Holding Clan Wars 
MEN: Competitive Land-Holding Clan Wars 
SSGS2: Low-tier Development and Reserve Division

In Game Account(s):


Previous Clans and how long you spent in each:
VX9 - 45 days
UFTS - 6 months
FORGE - 4.5 months
116th Panzer Division - 10 months

Reasons why you left those groups:
VX9 - Not competitive enough for my liking
UFTS - Became inactive after mass exodus
FORGE - Became too much of a who's who community
116th Panz. - Leadership/not comptetive

Do you know anyone in our Community? If yes, who?

Have you been on our TS previously?
Before this application yes, but only once.

List your Tier 10 vehicles, as well as the AVERAGE damage per battle and Win % for each:
IS - 7: 1,690 damage per battle; 49% win rate
T-62A: 1,182 damager per battle; 54% win rate

What Class of Tier 10 vehicles do you perform best in?
According to my stats heavy tanks, but I prefer mediums.

Please insert an image (not a link) of your signature (banner with stats):

How many days per week can you attend Clan Wars?

What time zone do you currently reside in?

What makes you want to join Gentleman Gaming?
Competitive Clan Wars

Do you have Previous Clan Wars experience? If yes, with who and in what role?
Yes. Field commander with 116th Panzer Division, role player with UFTS, FORGE, and VX9.

What are your ambitions as a member?
To win and to improve. I would like to reach a position of platoon leadership.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What kind of a person are you?
History major and aviation enthusiast. I am a pilot and a professor. I am a natural leader and have fun wherever I go.

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
Peregrine Falcon. Fly at speeds of over 180 MPH in order to boom and zoom other birds. The premiere hunter on the planet.

One of the Officers in our Community is an idiot. Who do you think it is?
The one in the tux.

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Re: Application to MEN

Post by sakaya101 on Sat Jun 13, 2015 7:57 pm

I've talked to him on TS, he has been inactive for a month or so and is just getting back into the game.

His T-62A damage is pretty low, but he has played less than 15 games in it so that should change.

He says his WN8 should start to climb as he plays more and grinds his E75 and E50.

Possibility for MEN, if not SSGS2.


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Re: Application to MEN

Post by BINGOBANGLEDANGLE on Sat Jun 13, 2015 10:21 pm

for lazy people like myself...

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Re: Application to MEN

Post by Sabuto on Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:55 pm

i think he is right for MEN  +1


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Re: Application to MEN

Post by Gates on Wed Jun 17, 2015 6:57 am

1,182 average in the 62a? How? Just how?

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Re: Application to MEN

Post by DarrikVkir on Wed Jun 17, 2015 7:37 am

Joined SAS


I miss - it's signature was cooler.


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Re: Application to MEN

Post by Sponsored content

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