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Application for HT

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Application for HT

Post by BaconSwass on Mon Jun 01, 2015 3:40 pm

In Game Account(s): Just BaconSwass


Previous Clans and how long you spent in each:There are multiple but the clan wars ones/most recent include: RDDTV (Just for a tournament 1 week), Fate for about 3 months Left because there was too much drama for my liking, -UV- for a couple of weeks left because I didn't like not doing clan wars

Reasons why you left those groups: Listed above

Do you know anyone in our Community? If yes, who?  Not for a long period of time but I do know angelreaper from SSGS and Christian72 recommended I should join HT

Have you been on our TS previously? Once or twice I believe

List your Tier 10 vehicles, as well as the AVERAGE damage per battle and Win % for each: WT auf E 100 50% win rate with 2556 damage per battle and T110E5 57% win rate with 2476 damage per battle

What Class of Tier 10 vehicles do you perform best in? I am pretty all rounded I'd say. I have played object 907 and 140 on my friends account and did excepcionally well in them, E5 I am good at but don't know how I'd play in other heavies and TD's I have kind of moved away from lately but still know how to play them well. 

Please insert an image (not a link) of your signature (banner with stats): 

How many days per week can you attend Clan Wars? Every day

What time zone do you currently reside in? Pacific

What makes you want to join Gentleman Gaming? I have seen BT and HT stay on the map for a very long time and I am also wanting to join a clan for the upcoming Campaign IV. 

Do you have Previous Clan Wars experience? If yes, with who and in what role?  Yes, In Fate and RDDTV playing my WT auf E 100 sometimes and playing me E5 most times

What are your ambitions as a member?  I am wanting to unlock my third tier 10 (Object 140 or T62-A) and to earn some gold in clan wars and possibly tournaments depending on the clans thoughts on them. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What kind of a person are you?  I am a pretty kind person, Don't swear that much and I am vocal, to an extent, of which I am not annoying. I love the outdoors including hunting, fishing and haiking, I also love hockey and have playd it for 11 years. I am in grade 10 just finishing up the last bit of school. I am unemployed. 

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why? I'd be a mountain goat because they do nothing except climb cliffs and lay in the wind Razz

One of the Officers in our Community is an idiot. Who do you think it is? None of them if I am accepted... If I am not then my answer will be different.


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Re: Application for HT

Post by n1ffum on Mon Jun 01, 2015 4:22 pm

you got the last question very wrong.
all officers are idiots regardless of your acceptance or not.

other than that the app looks pretty good, your overalls are a bit low but your recent is nice. my only concern is that your average tier is very low.

+1 for good attitute
+1 for good recent wn8
+1 for useful clan wars tanks
-1 for lower than expected recent win rate.
-1 for getting last question wrong
-1 for average tier

ill need to leave the final decision up to dell

also what would go a long way to helping improve your app is platoon up with myself or some community recruiters for HT/BT. ill be on ts for most of the day today, feel free to poke me.

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Re: Application for HT

Post by n1ffum on Mon Jun 01, 2015 4:48 pm

Unfortunately well have to decline your app for HT because we really need the three tier 10s. However take a look over at SSGS our sister clan they could use someone of your skills.

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Re: Application for HT

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