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Application to [BT]

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Application to [BT]

Post by 1999jrh on Wed May 27, 2015 9:01 pm


FEC-left because the clan fell apart due to the leaving of half it member's(1 year)
TRTB-left mostly because the clan was inactive on the global map(2 months)
O-O- A clan pmgpatrick1[BT] tried to make work (did not) 3 people at its height(8 months)
Stumu-left because clan fell apart to 30 people(2 months)
Solid-left because of lack of strongholds(1 month)
Puppy-Left  to look for a better more demanding clan(2 months)

-I know Pmgpatrick1 he was the one who suggested I join

-Have not been on your Ts

-B-Chat(25t)-Dmg-2200(less then 100 battles still learning)-53% wr
*About to get T110e5-121-E-50M *(within the next 2-3 months)

-My best tier 10 vehicle class is mediums

Attendance-  I will most likely to be able to attend cw and Strongholds 5-6 times a week since the time that they take place at is very convenient for me.

-My time zone is eastern U.S. (NY)

-I want to join this clan because i believe that I will be able to improve both my stats and my gold income as well as meet some new people. 

-I do have previous cw experience as either an m48 scouting with the best vr in the game or playing as a scout/flanking b-chat

-My ambitions are to improve my stats within this clan through platooning and participating in clan wars and strong holds

-Im the kind of person who want to end the race of all artillery in this game

-If I could be any animal I would be an Ostrich so I could kick the shit out of the arty players who like to focus fire me

-The one that plays the most artillery?


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Re: Application to [BT]

Post by lamplight on Thu May 28, 2015 12:08 am

Seems like Patrick has a lot of friends. 

Anyways, go ahead and hop on TS when you can and look for a Recruiter or other Officer and we'll go over everything. If you need any help just post here or talk to Patrick.

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