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Tankyoumaster [MEN] APP

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Tankyoumaster [MEN] APP

Post by Tankyoumaster on Fri Feb 27, 2015 8:27 pm

In Game Account(s): Tankyoumaster


Previous Clans and how long you spent in each:

I joined [H20]Water clan 2 days after downloading WOT. My membership in said clan lasted approximately 90 days.This is the only clan in which I have had a membership.

Reasons why you left those groups:

I joined [H20] without knowing what to expect from WoT. My position and goals in WoT changed once I began to play the game ever more frequently. In short [H20] was hindering more than helping my growth as a player. Clan members would frequently neglect invitations to platoon, participate in clan wars, and even not show up for tournaments for which they registered. I left because it was time for a change!

Do you know anyone in our Community? If yes, who?

Unfortunately I do not. I have read over some forum posts, and seen some members of your clan assembly in game. But that is the length of things.

Have you been on our TS previously?


List your Tier 10 vehicles, as well as the AVERAGE damage per battle and Win % for each:

I currently do not own a tier 10 vehicle. I am a touch over 100k xp from the IS-8 en route to IS-7.
I have been playing my fully equipped IS-3 with decent success. 187 games - 48.6% WR
My most played tank is the KV-85, which I have grown to enjoy. 398 games - 54.5% WR

What Class of Tier 10 vehicles do you perform best in?

Again, no tier 10 vehicles currently owned.  I perform best in heavies, having played my small but growing selection of tanks. I am comfortable with playing heavies in general, less comfortable in mediums, and even less so in TD's, lights and sky pigs.

Please insert an image (not a link) of your signature (banner with stats):

How many days per week can you attend Clan Wars?

I can attend clan wars 7 days per week anytime after 5pm central. Disclaimer: My job requires that I be on emergency standby 24/7, this could mean that I do not come home as scheduled and/or have to depart from playing WoT at a moments notice. I may work weekends occasionally, if so usually mornings.

What time zone do you currently reside in?

I reside within the Central time zone.

What makes you want to join Gentleman Gaming?

First, the established and experienced nature of the Gentlemen Gaming collective. It seems that the clans are maintained and active and most importantly, lasting. Second, I want to grow as an individual player and teammate. From what I see membership in Gentlemen Gaming would achieve both these goals. Lastly, I enjoy tanking with others, especially those that take game play serious while keeping in mind that this is indeed, only a game.

Do you have Previous Clan Wars experience? If yes, with who and in what role?

I have experience with Strongholds in Tier VI. I jumped at every opportunity to participate in the randomly organized battles while a member of [H20].  I would wager to say that I played in approximately 70 battles, all tier VI, all kv85. 

What are your ambitions as a member? 

I would like to grow exponentially as a player. I would like to participate in all clan events if even remotely possible. And in time, give back what I have learned to fellow members.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What kind of a person are you?

I am not a social person. That being said I converse when necessary out of respect for others. I am quiet, competitive, dependable, etc.. I also value common sense. I am a simple person, or would like to think so anyway. I find myself bending over backwards (figuratively) for others frequently.

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

Orangutang. There is no other animal like it. Massive size, strength, and intelligence are all attributes of my mischievous friend. What a lethal combo I must say. Next time your at the Zoo just go admire one.

One of the Officers in our Community is an idiot. Who do you think it is?

bucketofmayo. No idea.


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Re: Tankyoumaster [MEN] APP

Post by lamplight on Fri Feb 27, 2015 9:49 pm

Messaged him on the forums. He seems like a good guy and is exactly the type of player we're looking for for MEN. 

@Tank, hop on TS when you can and look for an Officer to run a quick eval and get you set up.

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Re: Tankyoumaster [MEN] APP

Post by WW_Hero on Fri Feb 27, 2015 10:20 pm

I will gladly help you with the is7 when you get into men, just pokr me on Ts when I am on, when you get it of course.

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Re: Tankyoumaster [MEN] APP

Post by shadistic on Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:54 am

lamplight wrote:Messaged him on the forums. He seems like a good guy and is exactly the type of player we're looking for for MEN.
MEN wants YOU (no, that's not a typo)

Got "buldge", you say?
Well, I urdge you to put it on the endgine of your adged Dgerman bardge.

All my friends are playing German tanks... it's peer Prussia.


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Re: Tankyoumaster [MEN] APP

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