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manytrees application to Heavy Turret

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manytrees application to Heavy Turret

Post by manytrees on Sun Feb 23, 2014 3:54 pm

Who recruited you?:
 RobertVick and Musta through PrototypePegasus

Which Game(s) are you interested in taking part in? 
World of Tanks

In Game Account(s):


Previous Clans:

Reasons why you left those groups: 
Long time member but clan is dead, missing friends and clan wars

List your Tier 10 vehicles, as well as the damage per battle for each:
m48 patton 1846
T92 1809
T57 1651
B-C 155 58 1651

If Gates could touch you anywhere, where would you let them touch you:
in between my toes (haven't washed there in awhile I just let the soap trickle down when showering so......)

Insert an image (not a link) of your WotLabs signature:

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?:
wolverine, trapped one with my uncle once they stink like hell.. see the above comment about Gates touching me.

If Gates calls you in the middle of the night to discuss sexual fantasies, what do you do?:
pass the phone to my wife, shes always in to that and I'm to tired from playing tanks

What makes you want to join our Community?:
Miss the camaraderie of a larger clan plus robert and musta have applied to be here 

Previous Clan Wars experience, and future clan wars activity?:
Played in Clan Wars with BC, no issues when someone else wants have a turn to play. I don't do drama over not being picked for clan wars.

The clan has to invest into every player that joins, what can you, the player, invest back into the clan?: 
I play almost everyday, I enjoy the game and that's one of the reasons for the application. I actually like training, I want to improve, have the capacity to learn and am more then willing to participate in training or be fodder if needed be to learn new techniques.


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Re: manytrees application to Heavy Turret

Post by NordicRose on Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:02 pm

Someone who actually likes training, and doesn't mind being fodder?

+1 for HT because it's good for moral to keep friends together.
+1 for the attitude, it's fair and level.
-1 Average damage, but that can be fixed, or just shared damage from CW's use.

Overall Id say OK.

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Re: manytrees application to Heavy Turret

Post by Oculus on Sun Feb 23, 2014 5:11 pm

+1 Willingness to improve
+1 Good personality, can take constructive criticism
+1 Decent player, platooned with him

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Re: manytrees application to Heavy Turret

Post by Lethal-Force on Sun Feb 23, 2014 7:16 pm


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Re: manytrees application to Heavy Turret

Post by lamplight on Sun Feb 23, 2014 7:37 pm

Approved. Solid player, solid tanks and Oculus can vouch for your attitude. Look for RadioactiveTwinkie or another guy with HT Officer tags in TS for Tags ingame.

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Re: manytrees application to Heavy Turret

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