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SSGS 2 application

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SSGS 2 application

Post by Blackshad0w on Thu Dec 19, 2013 5:41 pm

Which Division of Gentleman Gaming(Super Secret Gentleman's Squadron, Blue Turret, MEN, or Heavy Turret) are you looking to join?         SSGS2

Which Game(s) are you interested in taking part in? World of tanks 

In Game Account(s):BlackShad0w


Previous Clans:    VANG, 3CAB  

Reasons why you left those groups:  Not involved in clan wars, and were mainly just a bunch of friends from school. 

What is the favorite tank you've played and why, as well as a run down of your highest tier vehicle: 
My highest tier tank will be the IS-8 once i get enough credits which will be in a couple of days
Tiger II
Tiger P
i don't particularly have a favorite tank but so far it will probably be my IS-3 or T69. The IS-3 is just a all around great tank, its armor is amazing if your able to angle it just right you can bounce many shots and it's a great brawler because of its powerful gun and its lower profile and strong turret. The reason i chose the T69 was because of its autoloader and excellent view range for its tier, amazing gun depression, great traverse speed, and because if you catch a tank off guard you can easily ruin his day.  

If Gates could touch you anywhere, where would you let them touch you: The back for a good massage after a long day at school. 

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?: This is a hard decision i would probably chose to be a fox or a tiger. i would chose to be the fox because they are fast and have amazing senses and the tiger because its proud, fierce, and looks awesome.  

If Gates calls you in the middle of the night to discuss sexual fantasies, what do you do?: i would listen and agree with him and them tell him about my sexual fantasies. 

What makes you want to join our Community?: i have a good friend who is in the sister clan of SSGS, Jagdzeit. He said that SSGS2 has available slots and that i should join. i have also always seen SSGS as a good clan with great players. 

Previous Clan Wars experience?: none

The clan has to invest into every player that joins, what can you, the player, invest back into the clan?: Well since i am working up some very good lines that lead to good tier 10 tanks, i can become a player in clan wars once i reach those tank and improve my stats. I have a very good sense of the game and know how to play any type of tank you give me. I will also be a team player helping other out in times of need.   


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Re: SSGS 2 application

Post by NordicRose on Thu Dec 19, 2013 5:51 pm

Why not.

+1 for SSGS2

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Re: SSGS 2 application

Post by Jagdzeit on Thu Dec 19, 2013 6:15 pm

prepare yourself.

world of jagdco is coming


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Re: SSGS 2 application

Post by Xiald on Thu Dec 19, 2013 6:56 pm

Jagdzeit wrote:prepare yourself.

world of jagdco is coming

wardec incoming

+1 from me for SSGS2

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Re: SSGS 2 application

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