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Applying to BT

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Re: Applying to BT

Post by Stormdeath01 on Tue Dec 10, 2013 11:37 am

As far as Stats go your overall is okay and will get you into BT. Your Sixty day is where the problem comes in they are lower than your overall. That is a serious concern in the sense that you could have purchased the account from a friend or been given it by a friend ( not saying you did, Just saying why lower sixty day stats worry clans). The only things that matters to BT is 60 Day stats and Average Damage on Tier X tanks. For me  Stats aren't a huge problem they are borderline and we can work with that. Here is a detailed reason why  it was no for me.

 1. BT is ubber competitive. We want to play the best and beat the best. With this comes alot of pressure to participate in clans wars 3-4 nights a week, maintain high stats, participate in Team companies and Tank Companies. 

95% of BT members use extensive mods, you said you don't want to. I understand that but mods give you information that as a Field Commander I need players to have period. You said you did want a bunch of mods. For a 1500-1600 60 day WN7 player fine. With your stats NO you need all the help you can get competing at the level of our 1600 WN7 players. 

CW players are picked based on stats and average Tier X damage. You told me your stats were what they were and you just played to have fun. What happens happens. There is nothing wrong with that attitude in general. However in BT it will get you little Clan War time and you will get resentful and pissed off and leave. (I have experienced this in another clan with not being in their A team). the fact you have 12 tier X means nothing because every player does. 

We played a match on propkohva with dewster were at the start of the match I said we would lose and explained why ( we had 3 more TD's than they did but they had 3 scouts to our 1 plus they had more mediums. I told you and dew that our scout would either get killed or not cover the 1-2 line and we would have no lights for the TD's and get scouted out and bombed.) Dew agreed with me and you told me that I was being pessimistic and that we would be fine. Then you proceeded to take a E-100 to the top of the hill where you got snipped and kill by a tier IX Patton from the side because your tank was too tall to get cover on the top of the hill in the 9-0 line. You spent the entire match getting sniped by a tank in the 5 line you could not light up or hit. Then to add insult to injury we got rolled 15-4, regardless of me and dew doing 3K damage +. Me and Dew talked about it later and we both thought you taking the E-100 there was a poor choice. Parkie has said a million times the FC's are there to tell the team what they need to do to win and put tankers in the right place. If he has to tell you how to play your tank then BT is not the place for you. You are a decent player and most likely will get better with some seasoning and time to get back in the game which HT will provided.

As far as it seems to me you are a casual player, that wants to to have fun, do some platooning and play clans wars. Which there is nothing wrong with that. However HT will be a much better fit for you. The fact you have 12 tier X will get you in CW almost every night. You will still have all the benefits of being in gentlemens gaming and can platoon with BT players see how BT works and if you still want in it could easily happen as HT players go to BT all the time.

Ht is not a pet clan of BT we don't look down on them or treat them like other Top Clans treat clans associated with them. 

As some one that does not have the highest stats for BT I can promise you there is alot of pressure in that. I am a field commander with 12 tier X where most have good average damage and I worry every time Parkie comes in my channel to talk to me. i am worried he is going to tell me they need room for a better player and time for me to go. That is what drive me to be better and to continue to earn my spot in BT everyday. My stats are very important to me and I am very aggressive in improving them. If you look at my 60 day vs my over all you will notice a massive difference. 

Trust me when i tell you try HT I think you will be happy there and they will value you as a player by giving you alot of play time.

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Re: Applying to BT

Post by Redblade15 on Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:57 pm

Besides icarus..... storm sucks anyways Razz We just keep him around for his enlightening ideas, aint that right stormy??

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